Minimum 90 Day Rental

  • Rental fees are billed to a credit card every 90 days.
  • A second card is requested to be on file, to be used only if the primary card provided is declined.
  • Please note that The Violin Shop does not send out reminder notices.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to notify us before the next payment due date if you have changes in your address, phone numbers, credit cards, or are planning to return the instrument.

Violin Rental Rate, billed quarterly $95.00 – Optional insurance is billed quarterly $15.00
Viola Rental Rate, billed quarterly $110.00 – Optional insurance is billed quarterly $15.00
Cello Rental Rate, billed quarterly $155.00 – Optional insurance is billed quarterly $21.00

Exchanging your rental as your child grows. You will be charged for replacing the strings on the smaller instrument at the time of exchange. Excessive damage on the returned instrument may incur extra charges.
Please call two weeks in advance if you wish to upsize your rental.


If you wish to purchase the rental outfit you have:

  • 100% of the first 6 months of rental is applied.
  • 50% of subsequent payments apply, up to ½ the value of the instrument.

You may exchange your purchased rental instrument once for a larger size of the same rental model, minus the cost of restoring your instrument to rentable condition.

If you wish to purchase an upgraded instrument:

  • 100% of the first year’s rental is applied.
  • 50% of subsequent payments apply up to ½ the value of the upgraded instrument.
  • Please call to schedule an appointment to try out the wide range of upgrades available.


  1. Hold your instrument by the neck as much as possible. This will keep fingerprints off the varnish and reduce the need for cleaning. A stable atmosphere of 40% to 60% humidity is best for your instrument and bow.
  2. Wipe the rosin and perspiration off your instrument, bow stick and strings with the micro-fiber cloth provided after playing to avoid rosin build-up. In addition, do not use any type of polish on the instrument as it also creates a wax build-up.
  3. Do not touch the bow hair and the strings between the bridge and the fingerboard. This will keep your hair and strings oil free so the bow will grab the strings better.
  4. Tuning with the pegs causes large changes in the pitch and can result in the strings breaking. We recommend letting your teacher tune your instrument for you until you are able to match pitch.


We recommend that you insure your instrument for damages. If you wish to purchase insurance through us, please fill out the portion on the rental application that applies.

If I choose not to purchase insurance, I understand that I am responsible for and will be charged for any maintenance or repairs due to damage, neglect, or accident, including fire and theft. I agree to have adjustments or repairs of the instrument done ONLY BY THE VIOLIN SHOP, and under no circumstance will attempt to "fix" on my own OR take elsewhere.


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